The second trip of the season away at west Bridgeford saw all 13 U11 observing a minutes silence along with all parents coaches and opposition on a crisp Sunny Remembrance day. The girls yet again gave a fine performance with just too many high points to be about to report on. Our net today was occupied by the eager volunteers, Siobhan Simms and Jasmin Hallam, who both take the role extremely seriously and are slowly stating to show real promise between the sticks. Their skill in front of goal is also invaluable with both of them netting two goals each.  The remaining girls and positions were shared out throughout the 2 halves and each every girl showed that with every game they are becoming confident in all positions and in their own ability. Goals came though out the two halves, Tashan’s first season as a footballer is proving to be a great one with another goal while Emma Hodges, defender turned midfielder during the second half, scored her second goal in two games. Not to be out done Nell Pemrose and Player of the match, Freja Strom, scored their first ever goals for the club to make the final score 8-2. But all these goals could not be possible without the roles played by Phoebe Harris, Lucy Walton Charlotte Hayes, Ellie Jackson, Megan Green, Rebecca Shelton and Eliza Dodsworth, who link together throughout the game each taking on board what they learn in training. This result is down to the individual girls playing as a team in whatever position I ask them to play, well played today girls.