The under 10s travelled away to Welbeck Welfare and with Jessica Thompson’s fingers still bruised and swollen after last week’s match, Casey Bailey made her way into the goal while Jessica waited patiently on the side line for her chance to play out for the first time as an Under 10. Ellie Jackson was the only other change, having recovered from an ear infection. Within minutes of the start, this game showed all the promise of a classic end to end encounter, the defence of Lucy Walton and Emma Hodges were alert and composed as the first attacking move made it way towards goal. Equally busy were the girls who made up the midfield. Thought out the two halves Olivia Walker and Phoebe Harris worked tirelessly to cancel out forward runs, turning these balls to their advantage for Rebecca Shelton and Siobhan Simms, who swapped and change between midfield and up front, to weave and pass their way towards goal. But the football gods were shining down on the opposition, already one nil up, a penalty was awarded for hand ball in the box. Casey’s mum was unable to watch as her daughter faced the strike towards goal………saved! It was at this point that the football gods changed their allegiance and the next 45 minutes was all Notts! Jessica and Ellie joined the action. Jessica gave her all in midfield while Ellie continued to chase and pass as has become the norm. Her skill and determination increases with every game. Rebecca again chased every half chance, weaving and passing to her team mates, edging closer and closer towards that elusive equalising goal. Olivia used some impressive headers to keep the ball in our passion and it was not long before the hard work of these girls was rewarded with a goal, with Siobhan slotted the ball into the bottom left hand corner. Casey proved to be an asset in goal, diving, jumping and juggling balls in impressive style, which made choosing player of the match very easy. The never say die attitude of these Under 10’s makes Sunday mornings very interesting. Keep up the good work girls.

This week we were away to St Francis at Mackworth college, Derby. As a manager, I am looking for player’s putting into practice what they have learned in training. This is now becoming clearer to the Notts under 10’s girls as the season progresses. As a club we try and make training as relevant to “The game” as possible, but at the same time, make it enjoyable. Each week there is a marked improvement on previous weeks, and every player is growing in ability and confidence. Score lines do not tell the whole story, and should not be read into too much. As long as each player is putting in the effort in training and match days, I can’t ask any more. Well done girls on another great performance.  Player of the match Emma Hodges and goal scorer Casey Bailey.

The battling U10’s were this week in Notts FA Shield competition away to Welbeck Welfare, although the result didn’t go our way, the girl's took in their stride a very oversized pitch with humps and hollows and a Referee that was unable to bring his skills down to the level of the girls playing. The improvement that the County girls are making is measured by the difficulty in selecting a Player of the match. Through the whole team there are girls who are improving technically as well as tactically learning combination play to get the ball forward as well as getting back quickly behind the ball to defend. Karl and I were so very proud of the girls today and on another day it could so easily have been NCLFC who made it into the next round. Final Score Welbeck 3, Notts County 2, goal scorer Rebecca Shelton 2 with player of the match being awarded to Phoebe Harris.

The under 10s entertained Castle Donnington at Church Lane. A late injury to usual Goalie Jessica Thompson meant that Casey Bailey was called upon to occupy the space between the sticks and what a performance she gave. Her bright yellow gloves were never still, saving and collecting the few balls that made their way through to her. The power behind her goal kicks and clearances caused problems for the opposition as on the end of theses balls were the fast feet of Siobhan Simms, Rebecca Shelton or Olivia Walker. Between the three of them they forced the defence into back pedalling towards their own goal with only one question on their lips “which one of them was going to plant it into the net!”  Siobhan scored a beautiful free kick from the edge of the box, Rebecca launched a screecher of a shot that sailed so sweetly pass the keeper and Olivia wasn’t going to be out done with an inch perfect flick into the goal. But this isn’t to say that they were the only stars on the pitch, the defence and midfield were a force to be reckoned with their skill at holding up the ball and cancelling out any through runs gave the girls up front a breather in a highly charged pacey game. Emma Hodges was determined to make every ball safe, her team spirit and belief sees her covering every inch of the pitch, laying off perfect passes to Lucy Walton, Ellie Jackson and Jordan Pacey to take the ball forward once again. The two newest member of the squad, Lucy and Ellie are proving to be an asset in whichever position you ask them to play, their passion to achieve and improve shows itself with every pass and ball won. Player of the match awarded to Olivia Walker with goals scored by Siobhan Simms 4, Rebecca Shelton 4 and Olivia Walker 1. 

Notts County Ladies Under 10’s found themselves in competitive action today in the League cup. All squad members were available to play and were at church lane bright and early ready to take on Sherwood. A new found passion to succeed and put into action the skills they had learnt in training saw the girls stringing together passes and moves worked from deep in defence. Jessica Thompson in Goal had very little to do as her team mates battled and passed away any balls that made it even close to their goal mouth. Jordan Pacey and Emma Hodges were rock solid in defence feeding lovely balls forward for Siobhan Simms to carry up field to Rebecca Shelton who used her lightening pace and skill to make Sherwood’s keeper work hard. Ellie Jackson showed that with every game her knowledge of the game is developing and her determination to play well saw her runs up field troubling the opposition.  Lucy Walton is gaining in confidence and is learning to watch the other girls as they move around the pitch, Lucy is listening hard to instructions and her ability to put these instructions into the game saw her awarded Player of the match. Phoebe Harris and Olivia Walker played an important role in midfield holding up balls to allow time for the front runner Casey Bailey to get ready to receive the ball. The girls gave a performance that saw them congratulating each other in a after match team talk with such words as “Brilliant” “lots better” “great” and “fantastic”

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